Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Mysterious Tree in WMS COG!!

The Mysterious Tree in WMS COG!!

People are busy searching and looking for WMS COG.

They say that the WMS COG has a mysterious tree and they are giving out this tree for free!!

What is this mysterious Tree?

People say that "mankind is the lord of all creation". However, this man must all have to die at the end. This is destiny.

Many scientists try to figure out why must all human beings have to die, but still they do not know the answer.

Some go to church and ask their priests about this issue. Some try to find through theology.

But, no one has found out the answer to this question and eventually all face death.

However, the members of the WMS COG know the secret of this reason.

Lots of people knows the story of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden that they were tempted by the serpent (snake or satan) and because of this, all people must die.

Most christians believe that death has started from this point (Genesis 2:16-17 / Genesis 3:4-5).

However, there is more important message that all people must know.

God didn't give us the bible to tell us that we have to die.

God gave us the Bible for our manual book to receive eternal life.

The story about Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is true and because they were tempted by the serpent they had to die.

Adam and Eve had to die because they couldn't eat the Tree of Life.

Even though Adam and Eve had disobeyed God's word, if they ate the Tree of Life, they could live forever. Meaning, they didn't have to die. (Gen 3:24)

But, because God blocked the way to eat the Tree of life, Adam and Eve eventually had to die.

The book of the bible is written in parables, meaning that the Tree of Life is also a parable.

Jesus came 2000 years ago, to give us the Tree of Life.

In Genesis, God said if we eat the Tree of Life, we could receive eternal life.

Jesus (God who came in the flesh) said whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day. (John 6:54)

What does this mean? Eating Jesus flesh and blood means to eat the Tree of Life from the Garden of Eden. Since God blocked the way to eat the Tree of Life, God had to come and open the way to eat the Tree of Life.

Jesus brought the Tree of life.
Receiving eternal life was through having Jesus flesh and blood.
Then what is the way to eat Jesus Flesh and Blood?
It is through the Passover!!

Jesus kept the Passover with his disciples.. Take and eat. The Passover Bread is my(Jesus) body and the Passover Wine is my(Jesus) blood for all the forgiveness of sins... (Matthew 26:17-19. 26-28)

This is the main reason that God came to this earth in the Flesh.
I have come (to this earth) to give life and to make it full.. (John 10:10).
Jesus established the Passover to allow us (humankind) to receive eternal life.
Since only God could open the way, God (Jesus) had to come to this earth to open the way for us.
If anyone keeps the Passover, our sins can be forgiven and eventually receive eternal life.

However, in 325 AD, the Passover was abolished by Roman emperor Constantine in the Council of Nicea. Since this precious Passover was abolished, no one in this world could eat the tree of life. (=No eternal life…)

Since Jesus (Our Spiritual Father) loved us so much, Jesus wrote in the bible and said he will appear a second time not to bear sin, but to bring salvation for the people who lives in this last age. (Heb 9:25)

In order for Jesus to come back a second time, what should he bring? How should he come?

Jesus should bring the Tree of life which is the Passover and come in a human being just like 2000 years ago.

Than who can bring the Tree of Life? Only God.

God blocked the way to Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, and opened the way 2000 years ago, in this last age, only God can bring the Tree of Life which is the Passover.

For 1900 years, the Passover was hidden.

But for our salvation, this precious Passover must be kept again in this last age.  
Who is it that allowed us to keep the Passover again in this last age?
It is Christ Ahn Sahng Hong.

Christ Ahn Sahng Hong came to this earth as 2ndcoming Jesus and allowing us to receive eternal life through the New Covenant Passover.

Since Christ Ahn Sahng Hong brought back the Passover, who must he be?

Christ Ahn Sahng Hong is our savior in this last age. He is God almighty who will give salvation to us.

We have waited for him.. On that last day, we will call him our God.. (Isaiah 25:9)

Only the WMS COG keeps the Passover!

Why is this? It is because WMS COG was established by Christ Ahn Sahng Hong who is God.

Please come to WMS COG and keep the Passover that Our God allowed us to keep for Free!!!

Thank you Father and Mother.


  1. Only world mission society church of god keeps the Passover. We can find out the secret of kingdom of heaven in WMSCOG.
    We can receive the eternal life by believing Chrish Ahnsahnghong and God the mother.

  2. If we come to die because of Adam and Eve did sin, is this unfair?
    So, we have to study the Bible in the true church that established by God Almighty!

    How come only the World Mission Society Church of God knows about the story of the tree of life in the Bible..? Who established the WMSCOG and taught them this truth..? Christ Ahnsahnghong! That proves that He is God Almighty!

    Try to study about the tree of life in the WMSCOG so that you may have eternal life thru the Passover which is the reality of the tree of life! And you can truly believe that Christ Ahnsahnghong is God Almighty!!

  3. WMSCOG only keep the Passover of the new covenant,the tree of life,because Only God can give us the tree of life

  4. We can have eternal life to eat the fruit of the tree of life.
    It is the Passover.
    Therefore if we keep the Passover in WMSCOG, we can have eternal life.

  5. Since the creation of the world it has been hidden
    tree of life has been kept for a long time
    so christ ahnsahnghong opened

  6. The Passover hadn't been celebrated for a long time..for over 1600 years, until Christ Ahnsahnghong restored it again.
    That's why some ppl claim that the holy communion is the same as the Passover. However, Having bread and wine at any time can have blessing of eternal life from God ? The Passover is the new covenant, it means "Promise" God give us certain date and time to celebrate, That's the evening on 14 th of Jan. in sacred calendar. Therefore, holy communion is a useless fake. nevertheless, if they keep it in wrong way, the bible teaches it's a sin. What they get from it is only "fake eternal life" and the worst thing is that it will turn out at the last day and last minute. Pls Take your chance when it's at hand. GBY~
    1 Cor 11:27 [Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord.]

  7. I keep The Passover. so, I believe firmly that i take eternal life(the fruit of the tree of life).

    Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother.

  8. I kept the Passover. Thanks to Elohim God. :D

  9. Oh'O ' this is a profound mystery of the Bible. Who can explain like this? Christ Ahnsahnghong is surely our God Almighty. I will follow the word of God forever.

  10. Daniel prophesied Satan will try to change God's set times and the laws in Daniel 7:25. So, the Passover abolished by Satan in 325 A.D. and Satan changed it to holy communion.

    However, there is another prophecy also recorded in Hebrews 9:28:
    "So Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many people; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting gor him."

    The Satan abolished the Passover, so Christ appeared a second time to give us salvation through the Passover. It's because the Passover is the only way to get salvation—eternal life. However, Christ Ahnsahnghong brought back the Passover. These all prove that Christ Ahnsahnghong is the the second coming Christ.

  11. many christian pay attention only the tree of the knowledge of good and evil when they read the Gen. But the tree of life is mote important for eternal life. Thanks to elohim God whe let us know this!

  12. There are so many things in the world!
    But, if we DO NOT know the teachings of Elohim God, it is of no use at last!
    Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother are waiting for you in Zion, WMSCOG!! Hurry up to Zion!!

  13. mystery tree in the bible?
    that is the tree of life? - the passover
    How mystery it is!!
    thank to father and mother!!

  14. Mysterious tree is the tree of life in garden of eden.
    Christ Jesus give us the tree of life through the Passover.
    and We can go back to the kingdom of heaven with God the Mother. Be joyful everything and give thank to Elohim God .

  15. If we eat the fruit of the tree of life, we receive the eternal life.
    A way of eatting the fruit of the tree of life is keeping the Passover.

  16. this is such a good news to us that we can have eternal life again by keeping the passover, the tree of life.

  17. I give thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong nim and God the mother who give us the eternal life through the Passover :)

  18. The answer is in the bible... We sould distinguish with bible...

  19. Now is the time to receive Elohim God, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.Visit WMSCOG, and receive the free gift of the water of life[Rev 22:17].

  20. People do not know well there is the tree of life in Eden. But it is so important for our salvation. The tree of life was the prophecy fulfilled in New Testament.
    And its reality is the truth of Passover.